Hello all and Welcome to my page of botany fun!
Let me “in-tree-duce” myself!
My name is Sami and I am a junior at The Ohio State University studying Environmental and Natural Resources. This is my first botany class and I am very excited to learn and absorb as much as possible during this course. My degree will be in Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife with a specialization in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences.
My favorite plant(so far in life) is the Maximilian Sunflower or Helianthus maximiliani. The most interesting thing about this adorable flower is probably its odor. The Maximilian Sunflower smells like chocolate… that’s right I said chocolate. This plant is important for both pollinators and wildlife alike. It is my favorite though because of a special memory. Many years ago, my husband and I had a very peaceful and magical experiencing riding horseback through a pollinator field at The Wilds. Our guide was sharing amazing information about the wildlife all around us and my horse only wanted to eat the flowers in the field. My husband and I thought this was hilarious and that is when the guide suggested I smell the Maximilian’s. I have loved them ever since.
I hope this will be a fun and enlightening semester. I cant wait to get outside and look for plants.
Happy Identifying!