Hi, my name is Meera. I am a forestry, fisheries, and wildlife major at the Ohio State University and I am hoping to obtain a career that involves helping endangered species. As I have always been more interested in the animal part of nature, I do not have much knowledge on botany. However, I have always enjoyed admiring beautiful scenery and my favorite plants would probably be any beautiful flowers. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge on plants through this class. My header is from when I visited Crater Lake National Park in 2019; it is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been to.

I am unfortunately not able to upload my coat of arms but the symbol I chose was a wolf because wolves are a very important species as well as my favorite wild animal. I hope to be able to help them as part of my career. The quote I chose was “When we lose an animal species to extinction, we lose part of our family.” I chose this quote because every single species is an important part of our world and I hope to make sure that we do not lose any more. My hometown is Cincinnati, OH; I moved there when I was six.